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Open Athens Login Guide

Access via Publisher Websites

Open Athens not only provides access through the SAE library website and campus online environments, you can now log in directly via some publisher websites.

If you start your research from a Google search or go to your favourite database or publisher website (for example, ProQuest or JSTOR), you will be able to sign in with your SAE logins directly at the website using OpenAthens authentication.

Please note that the SAE Library may not provide direct access to every journal article or publication that you come across on the publisher websites.

Also, remember, not all publishers provide direct access.  You will need to access these using the library links:

- from the library website; or

- from within an SAE learning and teaching system, e.g. Campus Online.

Publisher Websites: Access options

Follow the prompts on the appropriate publishers website for access. Please note, each publisher's login options will slightly differ. Look out for the following variations in the options below:

1. Select the appropriate Log in option from the publisher websites. 
    This is usually found in the top right of the screen.
    The options may display similarly to the examples shown below: 



2. Navigate to the Institutional option and follow the prompts.

You may be asked to search for and select your institution, type SAE and select the SAE option from the list. 



3. Use the OpenAthens Option for access.



4. You may be directed to the SAE login page.

If you encounter the SAE login page (which also occurs if accessing resources directly from the library website or within SAE learning and teaching systems e.g. Campus Online) please see these instructions here