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Copyright: Creative Commons

What is Creative Commons?

The first versions of the CC licences were developed for the United States by Creative Commons, a non-profit corporation. They were released in December 2002. New versions of the licences have since been developed for the United States and versions have also been developed for other countries, including Australia. As a result, there are many versions of the CC licences. The Australian versions of the licences are managed by Creative Commons Australia.

Creative Commons organisation provides copyright owners with free licences allowing them to share, reuse and remix their material, legally. Offering your work under a Creative Commons licence does not mean giving up your copyright. It means permitting users to make use of your material in various ways, but only on certain conditions.

Creative Commons Licence Types

This video explaining the CC licenses was made by Creative Commons New Zealand, but it is still relevant for Australia.

Creative Commons Kiwi
Creative Commons Aotearoa New Zealand. ©2011


There are six different creative commons licence types. They will contain 1 or more of the following components:

BY - attribution required. 
NC - no commercial use. 
ND - no derivative works. 
SA - Share Alike - the licence must be the same on any derivative works.



Note: From Creative Commons licenses made easy, by R. Lutchman, n.d. citylibresearchers ( CC BY 4.0.